English for parents – wee and pee

There are about a million ways to talk about going to the toilet in English. There a different verbs to mean going to the toilet, lots of different words for what comes out, and even a few different words for the room and the toilet itself. When you begin potty training, or toilet training, yourContinue reading “English for parents – wee and pee”

English for parents – mum, mom, mam

It is true for almost every language in the whole world that the word for mother starts with a ma or mu sound. (Apart from the Georgian language, but there must be an exception) In most of Britain Mum is commonly used, and younger children say Mummy. In Wales, Northern England and Ireland Mam isContinue reading “English for parents – mum, mom, mam”

English for parents – wait please

Actually English speakers hardly ever say ‘wait please’. We’re more likely to say ‘wait a minute’, ‘wait a moment’ or something else entirely. More formally – if you’re making a business call or dealing with a customer: Just a moment, please Please wait a moment. Would you mind waiting a moment? Please hold (only usedContinue reading “English for parents – wait please”