Self-study course

Self-study course – One week to level up your Practical English

Do you need to learn English to live in the UK?

Are you getting transferred to the UK for work, or going to study there? This course is for you. This is made for people who live, long-term, in the UK and are learning English. This course will help you with practical daily English.

Do you need to feel confident speaking to doctors in English?

If you are nervous about going to the doctor in the UK, or need to take your children to the doctor this course will help you, with vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and speaking.

In seven days you will:

  1. learn vocabulary for common illnesses and problems
  2. Practice phrases that you’ll hear and use at the doctor’s
  3. Listen to native speakers at the doctor’s
  4. Practice pronunciation
  5. Read and understand an experience at the doctor’s
  6. Write about your experience at the doctor’s
  7. and Speak!

Do you want to learn real life English that is not in textbooks?

This is the course for you!

  • You get a 32 page workbook, full of vocabulary and phrases you need for the doctor, and cultural notes. Now with Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese translations.
  • 9 video lessons.
  • Downloadable audio to help your listening and pronunciation.
  • The chance to ask Abbie questions about English and living the UK.

One week to level up your practical English – Going to the doctor by English with Abigail

Self-study course for people who are going to live in the UK.


After your payment is confirmed I’ll email you the password to access the course directly. Please enjoy the course!

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