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I can help you get more confident in the English speaking world. Check out my lessons, courses, books and other things I love!

My lessons and courses

Mums’ English Circle – Uplifting English conversations for mothers worldwide. If you’re a mum and want to improve your English and meet other mums from all over the world, please join our weekly group lessons at Mums’ English Circle mumsenglishcircle.com

And visit my free resources page for more worksheets to help you learn English now. https://englishwithabigail.vipmembervault.com/products/courses/view/1001003

My books

I wrote a phrase book! As a parent in Japan I found myself in many situations where I had no idea what do say, because textbooks don’t cover that kind of thing. So I wrote a phrase book just for parents. You can buy the Parents English- Japanese Phrase book here, via your favourite ebook retailer

こちらは英語パパ‘‐ママのたまのフレーズ集 電本をご覧ください

Here’s my vocabulary record book – the handiest place to keep your vocabulary notes, when you’re out and about and wonder ‘how do I say that in English?’ Buy it here

Things I love (affiliate links)

If you’re learning Japanese, like me, I highly recommend Jess’s at Nihongo Connection’s beginner Japanese conversations courses and conversation club for higher level learners. Check it her free 5 day challenge for beginners here.

Kerstin is the person who taught me to track my learning, and have better language learning habits. If you’re learning a language (any language!) or you want to help your students get better habits, try the Language Habit Toolkit here. Plus she has German, French and Welsh courses, and more ways to improve your study courses here

I wouldn’t be here without the help and support of Jo and her Wonder Mom’s Success Club. Jo helps moms get organised with work, home, kids and themselves so they can achieve everything they want to. She has such a supportive group and masterclasses every month on every topic busy moms need to cover. Check out the club here

The Cultured Kid is the place where I get language lessons for my kids. We’re tackling Italian at the moment! If you have kids 0-8 years old, or you’re a pre-school teacher the Cultured Kid has beautiful resources to help you learn another language, even if you’re not fluent yourself. Choose from English, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese or German. Get your free guide to teaching your kids another language here, or try for seven days for $1 here.

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