Day with a Mentor

Get clarity on your teaching in just one day

Feeling stuck?

Like you need permission to do ‘the thing’ but when you’re your own boss there’s no one to give the permission? Or maybe you have a student you just don’t know what to do with anymore. Maybe you have too many ideas or not a clue what to do.

Stuck sucks. Whether that’s with your business or your lesson plans.

I have an idea to help you! I’ll spend one day with you to help you get unstuck. A whole day! But how? You’re busy people, with lessons to plan and coffee to drink. How do you find the time for another mentoring/coaching/ CPD session? The power of voice messages! More than just a power hour, but cheaper than a business coach, it’s just the push you need to get started. Or re-started.

This is a new idea so I’m offering 5 teachers the chance to try it out, one day for $12. Why would you give me $12? Because I’ve got over 12 years’ experience teaching EFL in the UK and Japan, and online. I’ve taught everyone from 6 months old to 82 years old. I’m great at getting to the heart of your problems, for thinking outside the box and getting people unstuck. And because you can get clarity on whatever is bugging you right now. Would you like to try it?

Spend a day with a mentor and boost yourself, your teaching, your business, even if you’ve got no idea where to start

Get in on the beta test, select your date and pay now.

Any questions? Email me here

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