How I’m making my prices fairer

Mums’ English Circle is a global community, we want to be open to all mothers around the world. But we know the world is not fair, and what is reasonable prices for English lessons in one country is very expensive in another. From today you’ll be able to pay for Mums’ English Circle under PurchasingContinue reading “How I’m making my prices fairer”

4 things you need to get fluent in English

Have you ever looked at someone who has learnt English fluently, and felt a little bit jealous? How did they get fluent in English, and you’re not? Did you think that maybe they have a secret you don’t know? Have you ever hoped for a magic app that will install English into your brain directly?Continue reading “4 things you need to get fluent in English”

English with nothing at all

Are you teaching online now? There are lots of tutorials and recommendations for the technology to get your class online, so I’m not going to repeat that. But if you’re looking for ideas of what to actually do during your online lessons, here’s 20 ideas for games and activities which don’t need any extra resources.

Stop trying to ‘think in English’

If you search for ‘think in English’ you’ll get almost 3 billion results (3,000,000,000 – that’s a lot!) Everyone thinks you must think in English in order to speak English better. But I say no. I think this is the most useless and unhelpful advice in the world.

English coaching – why I won’t correct all your mistakes

How do you feel when you are told you have made a mistake? Bad, sorry, ashamed, guilty, unconfident? I’m guessing that ‘good’ is not a feeling that goes with making a mistake. How do you feel when you are told you have made a mistake in English (or another language you are learning)? Bad, sorry,Continue reading “English coaching – why I won’t correct all your mistakes”

Can you grow your mind?

Do you have a talent for languages, or maths, or music or knitting? Do you believe you are born with that talent, or do you believe you can grow a talent? You might have heard of ‘growth mindset’ and  ‘fixed mindset’.  A fixed mindset believes that the talents and abilities you have you were bornContinue reading “Can you grow your mind?”

Have a day off.

This post is going to be really short. Because you need a rest. Research shows again and again that our brains need rest, holidays and vacations in order to process memories, work out problems, refresh and become more motivated. In one study from Harvard Business School, researchers tracked the habits of employees from a consultingContinue reading “Have a day off.”