How I’m making my prices fairer

Mums’ English Circle is a global community, we want to be open to all mothers around the world. But we know the world is not fair, and what is reasonable prices for English lessons in one country is very expensive in another.

From today you’ll be able to pay for Mums’ English Circle under Purchasing Power Parity rules.

What does that mean?

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5 ways to get fluent in speaking English

The number one question I am always asked is, how do I get fluent in speaking English? Here are my 5 top tips for getting fluent in speaking English.

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How to find out your English level

Do you know your English level?

Why is it important to know your level? How often should you take English level tests?

Page 1, lesson 1. Hello, how are you?

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4 things you need to get fluent in English

Have you ever looked at someone who has learnt English fluently, and felt a little bit jealous? How did they get fluent in English, and you’re not? Did you think that maybe they have a secret you don’t know?

Have you ever hoped for a magic app that will install English into your brain directly? I know I have for other languages!

So what do successful English learners do right? What’s the secret to getting fluent in English? I’ve been researching I have found 4 things that you need to be a better learner and become fluent in English

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English with nothing at all

Are you teaching online now? There are lots of tutorials and recommendations for the technology to get your class online, so I’m not going to repeat that. But if you’re looking for ideas of what to actually do during your online lessons, here’s 20 ideas for games and activities which don’t need any extra resources.

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Stop trying to ‘think in English’

If you search for ‘think in English’ you’ll get almost 3 billion results (3,000,000,000 – that’s a lot!) Everyone thinks you must think in English in order to speak English better. But I say no.

I think this is the most useless and unhelpful advice in the world.

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English everyday – sofa, settee or couch?

What do you call this?

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English everyday – do up

  • We want to do up the kitchen next year, it’s quite old, and the cupboards are all broken.
  • They’ve just had their house done up, it’s all glass and blank white walls now.
  • The shop’s been done up and it’s got a cafe now.

The phrasal verb ‘do up’ has a few different meanings but let’s focus on one that we use a lot in British English. We use it especially in relation to houses, kitchens, bathrooms and shops and restaurants too.

Can you guess what it means? Read the example sentences again…

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English for parents – fart

Yes, it’s come to this. Farts. Bottom trumpets, passing gas, toots, air biscuits, dropping an egg, breaking wind, and amusingly for British people: trump

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English everyday – huh, uh-huh and nuh-uh

Words that aren’t really words for example; huh, uh-huh and nuh-huh. Do you know what they mean? Are they words or just sounds? Do you use them when you speak English?

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