How can I help you? I help learners and teacher of English get more confident in their skills. I do this in two ways, through Mums’ English Circle, and English This Week (click on them to see all the details)

Why do I do this? I believe that all language is important, and all communication is worthwhile. I want to help you get better at communicating.

I’m also passionate about helping learners get better at speaking English. I can help you set goals, change your mindset, and achieve your main aims in learning English.

Abigail Fulbrook
Abigail Fulbrook

Who am I? You can call me Abbie! I have over 12 years experience teaching English to people from over 40 different countries, and online too. I have a CELTA and Master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I’m British, and I live in Japan with my husband and our two daughters. I love travelling and crafts; especially knitting, crochet and beadwork. I don’t like bananas or escalators.

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