5 ways to get fluent in speaking English

The number one question I am always asked is, how do I get fluent in speaking English? Here are my 5 top tips for getting fluent in speaking English.

1. Read out loud. Especially good if you have no idea what to say. Grab an English book near you, open it up and start to read. Out loud. Reading aloud will help you master tricky pronunciation combinations like the ‘th’ and ‘s’ in ‘six months old.’ You’ll also expose yourself to more vocabulary and grammar that you might not use yourself. Reading helps you to get fluent in speaking without having to think about what to say.

2. Talk to yourself. If you have no one else to speak English to, speak to yourself! You get the best answers, and the best jokes, that way! Look around you, what can you see? Describe where you are, what are people doing, what are you thinking about and planning to do next? Say these things aloud! Talk to yourself in the mirror to practice your pronunciation. Pretend you are a YouTuber or a famous chef and you’re describing the meal you’re making. Imagine you have to train someone to do your job, in English, what do you say?

3. Talk to your children, pets or plants. Your pets and plants will not care about mistakes you make and they’ll always be there for you! Speak English to your children, and don’t be shy about your accent or mistakes. Children will have a lot of sources of English, you will not be the only input. So they won’t pick up your mistakes. If your children speak English fluently already, well, great, you’ve done a great job! Now get them to teach you!

4. Find a conversation partner. There are loads of websites to find a conversation partner, so go and find one. When you write your profile put a little bit of information about yourself, about your hobbies or interests, your job or your family so you’ll find someone who has similar interests. It’ll be much easier to talk about something you have in common.

5. Find a teacher. When you’re looking for a teacher check their information carefully, will they encourage you to talk? Are their lessons about speaking or something else? Tell them that you want to talk as much as possible, be clear that speaking English fluently is your goal. If they don’t encourage you to talk, or they focus on something that is not interesting to you don’t be afraid to change that teacher and find one that is focused on speaking.

If you’d like some more tips about speaking English fluently, check out this video from wonderful teacher Rachel.

If you’re a mum and you want to speak English more, you need to join us in Mums’ English Circle. Small group conversation lessons 5 times a week, for just $20 a month, join me and other mums around the world here.

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English teacher, coach and writer. Helping English learners and teachers get more confident in their skills.

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