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30 days of social posts

If you’re a English language teacher, and you want to start or grow your own Facebook business page, or group, but you don’t really know where to start…

Or you have a page or group but you’re not getting much interaction…

I’ve got three things for you…

  1. a tip: Use warmers that you use in class to start conversations on Facebook or other social media – it really works! Don’t forget to reply to the people who answer your questions.
  2. a course that you should take: Rachel Miller’s 100 Perfect People, this will help you grow your Facebook page, with the right people for your teaching business. It’s a 10 day challenge, it’s just $10, and it starts on September 28th 2020. I’ve done this challenge several times, and I always learn something new about Facebook and about my audience. Here’s my referral link (I’ll get a small commission if you decide to purchase, at no extra cost to you)
  3. a download: here’s a calendar of 30 days of social posts that will get people talking and engaging, there’s also some extra tips in there about optimizing Facebook for maximum engagement.

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