English for parents – Phrase books!

So they’re finally done. I’ve written a book! In fact I’ve written two books, with the help of my awesome husband.

So if you’re a Japanese parent and you’re going to live in an English speaking country, you need this phrase book to help you talk to doctors, teachers, shop assistants, other parents and other children.

And if you’re an English speaking parent going to live in Japan you need this phrase book, and it’ll help you talk to doctors, teachers, shop assistants, other parents and other children.

What’s inside? Inside there are over 500 phrases to help you communicate in everyday life. If you need to explain your child ripped a page in a book while you were on a play-date, it’s here. If you need to ask the pharmacist for some insect-bite medicine for babies it’s here. If you want to make friends and swap contact details, it’s here. If you want some advice about cleaning baby sick off the sofa, it won’t help, but it will tell you what question to ask!

If you have babies or small kids these phrase books are for you.

Both books also have downloadable audio so you can practice your pronunciation, and your listening skills at the same time.

The Parents’ English to Japanese Phrase Book is available from your favourite ebook retailer here, including Amazon Kindle, Apple ibooks, Kobo, B&N, and Scribd


パパ・ママのための英語フレーズ集はこちらです、楽天Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes、とか。


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