English everyday – pop

My daughter got a few sticker books for Christmas. They have lots of stickers that you have to put in the right place in your book to make pictures. The picture above is a shot of one page, yes it’s Peppa Pig!  I was interested to see the instruction ‘pop the sticker here’… what does it mean?

Pop has a lot of meanings, how many can you think of?

  • pop (noun) a short, little explosive sound (like the sound popcorn makes)
  • pop (verb) to make a short explosive sound “The kids popped all the balloons”
  • pop (verb) the sound and feeling when your ears adjust to a different air pressure. “My ears popped when the plane landed.”
  • pop (noun) a soft drink, soda or a fizzy drink
  • Pop (noun) father.
  • pop (noun) pop music
  • pop (verb) to go, informal, suggests a short time. “I’ve got to pop to the bank for some money”
  • pop (verb) to move suddenly, especially from a small space “The cat popped up from the box”.
  • pop (verb) to put or take quickly. “Please pop the pizza in the oven now” “Pop your shoes on and go!”

The last one is the one we’re interested in now. We popped all the stickers in the book, and it was done in five minutes.

Do you know any more meanings for pop – or any phrases with pop in?



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