English everyday – plug in

That message pops up – 20% battery remaining….oh no, where’s the cable, where’s the plug? Plug it in! Quick!

Eventually the device is fully charged, and then you can … plug it out? deplug? Do you know the opposite of plug in?


Unplug is the opposite of plug in. What’s the thing on the wall, that you plug your plug into?

That’s the socket. But what’s the hole for headphones or microphones called? That’s a jack. And the hole for USBs? That’s a port. And the hole in your phone for charging with electricity? That’s also a port.

But we can still say plug in your headphones, plug in the USB and plug in the charger. And the opposite of all of them is unplug.









Published by Abbie

English teacher, coach and writer. Helping English learners and teachers get more confident in their skills.

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