English for parents – wait please

Actually English speakers hardly ever say ‘wait please’. We’re more likely to say ‘wait a minute’, ‘wait a moment’ or something else entirely.

More formally – if you’re making a business call or dealing with a customer:

  • Just a moment, please
  • Please wait a moment.
  • Would you mind waiting a moment?
  • Please hold (only used on the phone)
  • Please wait (only used in writing)

Less formal  – with friends and family

  • Just a sec / Just a second.
  • Wait a sec/ wait a second.
  • Wait a minute
  • Hold your horses
  • Hold on
  • Hang on

Wait! used by itself, sounds very strong and direct, and will make you sound angry or impatient. Or as if you’re talking to a dog.

When you ask someone to wait, what do you say?



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