English for parents – fast asleep

Miffy’s parents are so lucky. Miffy always falls asleep at the end of every adventure they have. But, on the other hand there’s no book called Miffy Stays Awake All Night, so maybe I shouldn’t judge.

At the end of every book, Miffy is fast asleep and her parents take her home.

She was fast asleep  – what does fast mean in this sentence? Quickly? She fell asleep quickly? No, here’s a different meaning of fast. Have a look at some more sentences with fast, where fast doesn’t mean quickly:

The car was stuck fast in the mud.

The girl held fast to her mother when they went to the doctor’s.

There’s no hard and fast rule about eating fish in pregnancy.

Here fast means completely, or tightly or firmly. So the car was completely stuck in the mud. The girl was hold tightly to her mother, and Miffy was firmly asleep.

By the way, you can’t say: She was sleeping fastly. (fastly is not a word) You can say: She was sleeping deeply.

So what’s the opposite of fast asleep? Wide awake. And that’s another useful phrase for you.





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