This one’s for the failures

Are you a failure? I do hope so.

Statistically you have failed many times in your life. I give you this meme:

Image result for toddlers learning to walk fall down 50 times say its not for me meme

Basically toddlers can’t do anything, they suck at walking, can’t feed themselves and they can’t even speak! But they persist. They pull themselves up again and again. They shove their food in their mouths, up their noses, smoosh it into the table and floor and the dog. They talk complete nonsense, mostly it’s not even words! But they persist.

You were once a toddler too. So you have failed. But you picked yourself up, literally, and carried on. So why would you think differently because you’re an adult? Really adults you have to respect the failure and do it anyway. It’s the only way to learn.

Please fail.

Please pick yourself up and try again.

After that you can read this article about how children these days are afraid of failing, and the consequences that has for them.

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English teacher, coach and writer. Helping English learners and teachers get more confident in their skills.

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