Do you have grit?

This is an interesting, and short, TED Talk on why some students fail and others succeed. Have a watch and let me know what you think.


So why do some fail and some succeed? The answer is grit. What is grit? Grit means determination, resolve, strength of will, spirit, mettle, courage.

And if you’re learning a language, boy do you need grit. You need an inner strength to keep going, especially after the easy early stages. When you get to intermediate level, the level when you can speak quite easily about your life and needs and understand the news, but you can’t yet understand comedy in your target language, you miss some subtle meanings and you can’t quite express your true feelings. Then you need grit to push through, to carry on studying that complex grammar, to memorize those nuanced words.

How do you get grit? No one knows.  Maybe you need to be stubborn, and single minded in your language learning. You need to have strong discipline to overcome your laziness. We are all lazy at heart, really! But if you can develop that iron will that says I will conquer this language, I think you have grit.

Do you have grit? Can you develop grit? Let me know below.

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