The magic of persistence

This video has been trending lately. In it a guy teaches himself to back flip in six hours. Watch the video here
I found it really inspiring. He doesn’t spend six hours reading a book about back flips, or watching other people back flip. He spends six long, hard hours turning somersaults, landing on his head, his back, his knees. But slowly, slowly he gets better, and finally he lands on his feet.

He says it was not really a physical problem for him, but a mental one. And finally he has to remove the cushion that is protecting him, and just do it.

So, there’s two points here. You got to practice, and practice, and practice if you want to achieve something. Same for language learning. Learning a word, reading it once, checking the meaning and writing it a couple of times, doesn’t mean you know it. You gotta use it, again and again, until it’s yours.

Second point, what’s your cushion? Or your comfort zone? What can you do to overcome that? What will push you just a little bit more to start using that word, that grammar point, that phrase? Think about your cushion, and try to throw it away this week, or at least push it aside.


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