English for parents – Come on and Hurry up

I probably use these two phrases about nine hundred times a day.

Come on, put your socks on now. Hurry up, we’re waiting. Come on, let’s go. Hurry up!

Come on – used for telling someone to hurry.

Hurry up – telling someone to do something more quickly.



Come on and hurry up mean the same thing, and we often use them together in a sentence.



“Come on, hurry up, we’ll be late. We’ll miss the train. Come on, let’s go!”

But there is a slight difference. Hurry up suggests that you’re going to be late, maybe there is a time limit. Come on implies someone is waiting but there’s no time limit.

Other phrases that mean the same thing

  • Step on it
  • Get a move on
  • Get a shift on
  • Get your skates on
  • Get a hustle on
  • Get a wiggle on
  • Chop chop
  • Jump to it
  • Snap to it
  • What are you waiting for?

Do you know any more phrases like this? What do you say?

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